Cement Board Siding

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Cement Board Siding

Are you building a new home? Have you talked with your planner about what siding to use? You probably had a hard time figuring out what type of siding will be best for your home. One reason for this might be the fact that siding now comes in a number of forms, and each has its own characteristics that are to some degree unique from the others. Well, although that said, the cement board siding is still deemed as one of the unmatched options to consider.

The cement board siding, on the most basic, is known by many as the Hardie board siding. It is so called for the reason that it was first developed in Australia by James Hardie Industries about more than a hundred years ago. The product was made as a result of the company’s recognition that concrete board siding can withstand with the corrosion associated with tremendous climates. So following that recognition was the massive production of the said material.

There are a lot of advantages associated with cement board siding. According to several claims, cement or Hardie board can protect your home from any harms of deterioration in the most secret manner. I say secret for the reason that cement board siding can be used and appear like a wood or vinyl. So those who don’t know about the kind of siding used may mistake it from wood or vinyl.

However, cement board siding is not made from natural wood or PVC. Rather, it is built from cement fibers, the reason that it is often called by many consumers as cement fiber siding. Well, being made from such fiber, cement board is said to be so strong, durable and resistant to rot, insects and fire.

The wonders of cement board siding don’t just end there. The truth is, the product is also highly moldable. What I am trying to say here is that unlike the other materials used to side a building or a home, cement board comes in a number of types. There are some that are made with wood grains that are to some degree simulated, while others appear to have a sort of stucco. There are even some that are so smooth in texture and style. Well, whatever style or type you may consider, the cement board siding offers the benefit of you having one of the most durable and highly resistant siding materials available.

It is finally worthy to note that unlike the vinyl type of siding which does not anymore need to be painted just to enhance the look, the cement board needs the paint. Nevertheless, it absorbs the paint in a lasting manner, making it more valuable than the wood. It is important to color it with high quality paint though for it not to peel easily. And, although it appears to be like wood, the cement board siding won’t bother you with the possibility of getting serious problems associated with water damage.

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