Choosing A Face For Your Home

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Choosing A Face For Your Home

When building or remodeling a home, there are many things to consider, from small details like the style of bathroom tiles and kitchen cabinets to more significant, lasting decisions, such as the exterior façade of your home. In the past, exterior options were limited and one look or profile was used for the entire home. Today’s exterior product market offers a wide range of options, from accessories to cover-alls.

Choosing a home’s exterior can be one of the most significant decisions in the life of your home. For a one-of-a-kind look, take advantage of your design options:

• Use siding profiles such as board and batten or shake siding to highlight dormers or gables, the triangular portion below the roof peak.

• Accentuate the front of your home by combining siding products such as vinyl, brick, stone, stucco or insulated siding, the latest advancement in maintenance- free siding. This offers the opportunity to highlight your home’s unique architecture while hiding imperfections.

• Add accessories such as window trims and decorative corner post systems to create added charm.

• Incorporate multiple color options to bring your home to life…choose a subtle shade as a cover-all with dark trim or a dark cover-all with light trim. For example, an evergreen trim can be the perfect complement for a beige cover-all.

• Select a siding product that offers not only the look you demand, but also the complementary options to create a visible expression and a lasting impression.

Recently, many homeowners have discovered insulated siding or solid core siding as the ideal design option for any home exterior. Available in a range of styles and colors, including a complete line of trim accessories and profiles such as a vertical board and batten and beaded siding, insulated siding supplies the perfect complement or contrast for any home exterior such as brick, stone or stucco.

Made popular by six- or seven-inch profiles, insulated siding offers the wide design and authentic cedar grain texture of real wood, but without the maintenance hassles. Its rigid foam core backing allows for the design of architecturally correct profiles and better energy efficiency for added savings.

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