Ideas To Create A Stylized Ambience With Contemporary Lighting

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Ideas To Create A Stylized Ambience With Contemporary Lighting

Believe it or not, even with a swanky, up market home, you will not be able to make much of an impression unless you have the right lighting to create that “stylized” ambience.

Of course, choosing the right contemporary lighting is never an easy job. One of the most important aspects of decorating your home, it creates an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and luxury. Lending itself to creating such a beautiful ambience is the technology associated with contemporary lighting. Today, it’s easier than ever before to achieve things on a grand scale for the interiors of your home. Simply, flick the switch!

Whether you want to make your living room look dramatic or highlight specific decorative elements, or then you can even use contemporary lighting to disguise the flaws and simply emphasize the beauty. It’s all in the switch! Proper lighting can really bring out the color schemes and create a mood that can vary from intimate to vibrant. You can have it all. Contemporary lighting is available in various shapes, designs, sizes, styles, and finishes. Choose bold metallic accents or smooth, transparent glass, or try the recessed or tracking lighting, contemporary lighting is the way to go nowadays.

Interestingly enough, the concept of indoor lighting has been “in vogue” since 70,000 B.C. when man used animal fat in shells and rocks to create rustic oil lamps for lighting his cave. Then innovations happened and the first torch, first portable lamp, first designer lamp led to the current wave of contemporary indoor light fittings.

Today, the choice of light fittings for both home and office use are limitless. Contemporary lighting essentials such as recessed cans and track lighting to wall sconces and chandeliers, to floor lighting options, interior lighting perform a range of functions and come in a mind-boggling array of styles suited to serve any and every individual’s purpose. Let’s take a look at why a well-lit home is attractive and how you can convert your home in a stylish and warm place that is the envy of all your neighbors!

It is all in the “Light” Design
So you’ve heard of fashion design, interior design, and even furniture design, but have you heard of lighting design? Probably not! But this is exactly what you require when choosing light fittings for your home. Lighting design can make your home look like a welcoming, cozy, and loved place or the complete opposite. Lighting design can also dramatically change the appearance of the beautiful decorative items you have on display and make them look stunning and eye-catching. No longer is lighting simply about get fluorescent lights fitted on your rooms’ walls. It has moved beyond direct light to address specific lighting requirements of each individual corner or area in the home.

Visual Drama and Contrast
Every room should have the touch of visual drama and you can achieve these effects by creating some contrast. Creating contrast is the underlying principle of lighting design and is typically, achieved with the help of using different lights in each space. Let us take the example of your living or dining room. While a chandelier may provide ambient light, a recessed halogen light can act as a task light that emphasizes specific things in the room while wall scones provide respite and add the accent.

Ambient light is typically, the general light source in a room; try not to make it your main source of illumination. Contrast your ambient light source with brighter task and accent lights that provide highlighting effects and powerful illumination for particular use. Key sources of illumination can be the task lights, which offer 6-10 times the level of ambient lights. Of course, the primary factors to consider when choosing contemporary lighting is to check the attributes each specific room. These attributes include room size, ceiling height, architectural features (bay window, dormer, etc), room décor, the amount of natural sunlight available in the room, and the strength of the bulb.

Contemporary Lighting and Ambience
Contemporary lighting emphasizes clean, straight line, and a wide variety of metallic finishes for the bases. Simple white or off-white color globes are typical of this style, and provide plentiful ambient light without distracting attention from the key aspects of any space. The beauty of contemporary lighting lies in the simplicity of the design that is subtle and blend with the space making it appear warm, accessible, and user-friendly.

While it is true that we have come a long way since the days of burning animal fat for illumination, but what hasn’t changes if our need for indoor lighting. Only now, we have contemporary lighting fixtures in a multitude of shapes, designs, and one for almost occasion. So when shopping for lighting fixtures ensure you buy the styles you think will suit your home’s decor the best.

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