IKO Roofing Company

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IKO Roofing Company

Are you in the middle of building a new home? You are probably contemplating on what would be the best roofing material to compliment the look and style of your home. Although Iko Roofing Company is a considerably new player in the roofing industry in comparison to Tamco and Gaf, it is now widely recognized in providing the finest quality roofing materials in the market. It is actually one of the largest company today and an aggressive competitor of Gaf, and enjoying a rapidly mounting customer base and clientele support.

When Iko Roofing Company first entered the roofing scene, there were eleven main competing manufacturers in Canada. In the cutthroat roofing industry, Iko have constantly maintained a strong and consistent hold, and earned a reputation of setting the standard and continually offering quality and innovative products at a reasonable price. Today, out of the initial eleven aggressively competing roofing companies, only two have survived. Iko is one certainly one of them. This Japanese manufacturer has established distribution bases across the globe since its humble operations in 1949. Innovation and fine quality are the main driving power of Iko Roofing Company. Their product line expanded in 1954, which includes roofing shingles.

Iko roofing shingles are known to be of finest quality available today, and provide an impeccable limited service warranty that covers 40 to 50 years. A new product known as the Renaissance GXL 30 is rapidly gaining popularity mainly because of its aesthetic value. The new sleek designs and durability against the sweltering heat, heavy downpours, and high winds proved to be an excellent and practical choice among architects, builders and homeowners. Mainly made with fiberglass and patches of asphalt, these shingles practically gives your house an elegant look.
Another great new addition to its products line is the Iko Skyline 25 designer shingles which creates a pleasant rippled, horizontal pattern or textural weaves and traditional appearance that are truly distinctive. This type of shingle is heavyweight, organic-based asphalt shingles that provides high tear-strength values added protection against adverse weather elements.
Exceptional and elegant designs and reliability are the trademarks of every Iko roofing shingles. For almost 50 years now, Iko Roofing Company have continued to be a reliable and consistent leader in the roofing industry. It is currently the number one brand in Canada, since roofing contractors have fully appreciated their quality roofing products at a very affordable cost. Check out their wide array of products today, and you are sure to find the perfect material for your roofing needs.

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