Installing Vinyl Siding: Things to Know

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Installing Vinyl Siding: Things to Know

I bet it’s not new to you that vinyl siding is the most preferred and most valued type of siding available in today’s world market. The façade of your home is probably boasting this type of siding. But, whether your home is built with vinyl siding or not, it is important to know that vinyl siding is easy to install, the reason that hundreds of homes in North America alone have been considering vinyl for their home exterior needs.

However, installing vinyl siding can only be done right if you are backed up with the right installation guidelines and knowledge. Professional installers might approach the installation in different modes, but they are all doing the job with certain things in mind. Of all the possible things, below are the most important:

Needed Installation Materials: Just like any forms of home remodeling, installing vinyl siding can only be done if you are supported by all the needed installation materials. The good news is that installing vinyl siding doesn’t need complicated tools. What you must only need are the basic ones.

For instance, if you are approaching the task by yourself, note that you will need a hammer, circular saw, fine saw blade, tape measure, level and chalk line to complete the job. Also, you may require a drill, utility knife, cutting tables, ladders, framing square, tin snips, as well as caulk and gun. It is also possible that you will need a zip unlock tool to make the installation a bit easy for you.

Surface Preparation: When installing vinyl siding, surface preparation is a must. So before you install your materials, make sure that the surface is stable enough to handle all the cuts. See to it that the surface is smooth and solid enough. If you find some leaks on the wall, fix it as soon as possible. You can also use an effective sheathing to make your siding more efficient for carrying energy.

Trimming: Before installing vinyl siding, you need to do and fix all the trimming. Do this task by following which needs to be taken first and which needs to be taken last. Note that the vinyl siding should be installed last, and what should go first are the trimming of the corner posts, light blocks, J channels, accessories for dryer vent, arches, entry cornices, and others. So simply follow what needs to be followed.

Panel Checking: Panel checking is but another important think to note when installing vinyl siding. This should be considered prior to the siding installation. So to make the job right, try to look at the full panel first and note all the corners and sides. It is typical for panels to have notches, so look for them as they are the ones that allow you to overlap the pieces of your vinyl siding. You can even move the pieces according to the notches.

Proper Nailing: Of all the steps to installing vinyl siding, proper nailing is by far the most important. When I say proper, it means not too tight and not too loose. Just nail the siding on the average level, but make sure that it fits well to its place.

So that’s basically it! Installing vinyl siding is indeed not a difficult thing to consider provided that you know everything about the proper installation or you are backed up with the right knowledge. So know everything you can to do the installation right.

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