Roofing Consultants

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Roofing Consultants

Some homeowners are determined to do the roofing work themselves especially when they are quite on a tight budget. But others take the initiative to seek the professional help of roofing consultants who are real experts when it comes to roofing—its products, services, installations, cost and repairs. The different roofing consultants may cater to both residential and commercial buildings, some would accommodate only residential, while others strictly service the commercial establishments. This article provides a list of a few of the roofing consultants that will serve as your guide for your roofing needs.

RCS or Roofing Consulting Services, Inc. operates to serve clients across the United States as well as internationally. The company’s services are divided into three main aspects, which are surveys, specifications, and inspections. A member of major construction and roofing associations, RCS is established with a mission to maintain existing roofing assets and supply building owners the best roofing system whenever they need replacement. Interested clients may contact the company at (804) 515-0885 or (800) 637-7109 or email them at

One of the roofing consultants that caters still to international clients but is a non-profit organization is RCI, Incorporated. It is an association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers with specialties in roofing design and specification, waterproofing and building envelope systems. Its members have provided design, repair planning, and general roofing services over the years of its existence. It regularly hosts education programs stressing the evolution of roofing industry and other construction-related topics.

Another roofing consultant comprising a group of building owners, professional consultants, architects, and engineers is RC Lichy & Associates that supplies roofing and waterproofing needs. The organization has no connection whatsoever with roofing manufacturers, suppliers, and other professional roofing installers. They cater mainly to commercial and business establishments like schools, universities, and commercial building owners. Its founder is Robert Lichy, a certified member of Roofing Consultant Institute and a registered roofing consultant, specializes in steep-slope roofing and surveys.

Thermaco Engineering Services Ltd. is situated and based in Ontario, Canada and has been in operation for 20 years. Its services include evaluation, design, construction, and roofing management systems. Over the years, it has accommodated clients on roofing design and inspection for roofing replacements. Included in the list of dedicated roofing consultants is Amtech Roofing Consultants, Inc. that primarily offers roofing services. The business services clients in Texas, particularly in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Just like the rest of the roofing consultants, it provides roof evaluation, inspection, and replacement. But what makes them different from among the rest is their Amtech=s Troxler nuclear Roof Gauge, a sort of nuclear scan that detects non-destructive moisture on existing roofing systems.

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