Tin Roofing

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Tin Roofing

Tin roofing dates back from centuries ago. Its popularity never waned mainly perhaps it is the most affordable roofing material. The material is also lightweight, durable, relatively resistant to corrosion and give exceptional formation capacities. It also absorbs heat easily so it can melt down snow and protect ice damming. Tin is a competitive material for weatherproofing.

Choosing tin roofing over any other metal roofing material like, lead, copper, aluminum, zinc, and galvanized iron or other roofing material rubber and cedar shake will be an excellent choice for those who have tight budget. Tin roofing is easy to install and its maintenance is manageable. It is the widely used material in mass housing program in US. The life span of tin is comparable with that of other metal roofing.

The common problem encountered by homeowners with regard to tin roofing is accumulation of dirt and stain. Overtime this will damage the roof if not attended to at once. Signs of corrosion may start appearing on roof surfaces. During the installation of the tin roofs, some punctured surfaces were left unsealed. These holes will leak when rain comes. Immediate care should be done right after the leaks were located. Leaking roofs are commonly present in valleys, roof-to-walls connections, and the steepness of slope. These parts of the roof should be carefully checked for unsightly stains and dirt and possible leaks.
Coatings can remedy possible damage that rust brings to your roof. Likewise sealants can help in stopping water to seep through leaks. There are many available sealants and coatings in the market. Electrometric coating material is a commonplace among homeowners.
Painting your roof will add beauty and touch of class to your roof. Paint should not be mistaken as a coating substance, though it might serve the purpose for a while. Paint hides the unsightly patches made by sealants and coatings. It also gives new look to rather old looking roofs. A well-painted roof is a well-maintained roof.
Tin roofing is easy to clean even with water alone. Strong chemicals are no longer needed specially if the roofs are new. Washing the roofs should be done regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt which host microorganism that might destroy the roofs. If there is stubborn dirt, mild chemicals should be used so that the color of the paint will be preserved and chipping off is prevented.
Tin roofing is truly affordable and durable which gives you more savings. You can even get your money’s worth if utmost care to your roof is well considered.

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