Vinyl Siding and Its Advantages

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Vinyl Siding and Its Advantages

Vinyl Siding! That’s what most builders, engineers, planners, architects and homeowners are recommending, and many of the advertisements that mention about it all appear to be so tempting. Well, there are a number of reasons for that strong preference, and all of these reasons are based on one particular fact – vinyl siding has a lot of unique advantages.

Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. This material has gained a reputation in the industry for being so strong and rigid. Products made from this material are deemed to be so durable, versatile and easy to maintain; these are the reasons that vinyl siding is much preferred as a material for exterior cladding.

Many builders and homeowners also favor vinyl siding for its distinctive beauty. It comes in a variety of colors, giving homeowners the chance to find the color that best suits their home style and exterior decors. According to several claims, the vinyl siding does not just come with all the traditional earthy and pastel hues, but they are now designed with a wide selection of a much comprehensive range of darker colors. Some are even combinations, with deep blues, barn reds, sage and hunters being the most common. Perhaps what’s nice to know about all of this color options is that they are all unparalleled in terms of retention.

Beauty is not just the most valued character of vinyl siding. Sidings made from vinyl topped the market lists for its distinct quality. It is given that it meets the highest values for color retention, yet there is still more to it than that. It is usual for every vinyl siding to be backed up with extra wide nailing hem designed to make the installation error and hassle free. Also, the gauge of vinyl sidings is typically thick and this is what basically makes the product strongly durable. Unique weep holes are even designed for it to become resistant to all sorts of moisture retention. In addition, vinyl sidings come with a position locking system to keep it from being peeled off from its place. This locking system is simply what makes the siding firm.

Paint? Oh, that’s out of the vinyl siding’s vocabulary. Paint is not necessary as vinyl itself holds its color over time. Unlike wood and other siding materials, vinyl doesn’t need much of your help in order to maintain its freshness. All you need to do is to simply treat it with a good wash. However, when washing the siding, use a soft cloth and a garden hose so to keep its appearance great. This is but an easy thing, right?

With all the advantages, it’s no wonder that vinyl siding is now deemed by many developers and homeowners as the industry’s favorite. According to certain statistics, twice as many builders and homeowners now side their properties with vinyl.

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