Why Red Cedar Siding

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Why Red Cedar Siding

Are you investigating for reasons to make you gusto for Red cedar siding? Then read on.

It’s hard not to love Red Cedar, with its so many boons. It seems that, pardon the seeming self-centering, the cedar tree had evolved to meet the demands of the rustic home loving populace.

The inherent properties of Red Cedar make it a highly viable material for building construction, the best. In actual fact, Red Cedar has resistances for every hazard that is typical for any wood material. Here is the Red Cedar Fact sheet:

Decay Resistance
Belonging to the coniferous tree family, this wood has resins typically intended to protect it from invaders like moth that bore holes into its trunks. This natural insect repellant resin, called Thujaplicins, superbly protects it also from fungal invasion and decay.

Dimensional Strength
Red Cedar’s tensile strength owes it to its true and straight grain. And because Red Cedar is also hygroscopic, by sucking surrounding moisture or dispersing surplus moisture it maintains equilibrium to the environment, further enhancing its resistance to checking, twisting and warping. Shrinkage is a common unavoidable feature with all building materials, particularly wood. But Red Cedar has a very low shrinking factor.

Insulating Factor
Since, it contains enough moisture, Red Cedar allow the best insulation of all wood materials. Low density and high proportion of air space duplicates the effect of thermos insulation.

All these qualities make Red Cedar exemplary as a building material. The ability to withstand the weather makes it perfect for home sidings. And did you know that Red Cedar, like all coniferous trees, gives off a particular scent? How’s that for aromatic wood.

The Western Red Cedar is widely used as a building material, particularly siding, especially in North America where Red Cedar is abundant. The Western Red Cedar is also one of the US’s most renewable resources, and its sustainability as building materials is quite high.

Getting Red Cedar siding materials is quite easy, since competitive retailers are available through the internet. Here’s a list:

Western Red Cedar Lumber Association

A Vancouver based association; the WRCLA represents 19 quality conscious producers of Red Cedar. They are the self titled “Voice of the Cedar Industry” that manages consumer program throughout America.

Modulog Solid Cedar Siding

A private retailer for Red Cedar siding and other materials, Modulog is best known for putting up excellent deals. They cater to DIY purchasers, with several installation notes teaching how to and the basic info regarding the subject.

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