Wolverine Vinyl Siding System

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Wolverine Vinyl Siding System

Wolverine is a brand from CertainTeed – www.certainteed.com – that carries with it, the popular and high-quality Wolverine vinyl siding product lines. It has been in the industry for more than 50 years and continues to provide the vinyl siding industry with innovative and valuable products.

Wolverine vinyl siding system started with their study on the qualities of wood siding products – unlike other vinyl siding manufacturers that based their study on aluminum siding materials. Their engineers designed profiles that patterned that of the wood siding system which were fit for classic homes – and basically, this is where Wolverine vinyl siding came about.

The following are the Wolverine vinyl siding product lines: Restoration Shapes, Restoration Smooth, American Legend, Encore, True Comfort, Millenium, Carolina Beaded, and the Classic Wolverine Vinyl Siding.

Thru CertainTeed’s website they have a tool called ColorView, in which one can experiment with the exterior colors of their homes as on the roof, trims, shutters, windows and doors. This will enable one to have an idea on the right color combinations he can play around with for his home.

With Wolverine vinyl siding systems, you are sure to have a wide selection of siding products for your needs. With its range of profiles and color-combinations would prove to answer even your most demanding siding needs. With their exclusive PermaColor system, one is provided with a very good color performance.

Also, with their exclusive GripLock system, installation has become easier. They also have the StabilizeR reinforcement technology. In addition, their Millenium product is designed to withstand strong wind pressure. Truly, Wolverine siding solutions offer a complete approach to one’s siding needs.

Wolverine vinyl siding systems have a lot to offer to homeowners, builders, and contractors. One will be assured of the quality of materials used, the efficiency of the product designs, and the durability these products hold. A visit on their website will show why they have become a popular choice by many.

Wolverine designs, develops, manufactures and distributes their unique and high quality vinyl siding solutions. Wolverine vinyl siding products have innovative designs that make these durable and provide the high performance expected out of it. They have the right siding design solutions for you. With Wolverine siding products, every detail is important, and they consider each in the design and manufacture of their products – so with a Wolverine vinyl siding system on your homes – you are sure, you have one of the best vinyl sidings around.

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